Thursday, September 30, 2004

People have been asking to see my belly here it is! 19 weeks, thats Sparky down by my legs. Posted by Hello

today's special

i'm 19 weeks pregnant today. the baby kicks alot which is super cool. i went swimming this morning which was really nice exercise and then I ended the day with a wonderful massage from Raili...she's very good at massage hmmm.

tonight, i'm hoping derek comes home soon (ha ha, its 6pm already) and maybe that we could go see baby Miles and andrew and heather of course ;) he just got home and wants to go see a movie...maybe, i'll have to see whats playing.

this weekend will be fairly busy with a wedding shower for my cousin Lish and a dinner for work at night on Saturday.

We went to Whistler on Sunday and had a really nice time visiting some friends...our friends Robb and Michelle are due 3 weeks before us!! So cool!

There's a real baby boom going on there, just like here with my friends and coworkers.

we went to Bible study last was the first time in awhile and it was nice. the thing that sticks out the most in my mind is
James 1.25 "But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does."

so look intently at the word, let it influence you, listen first then do.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

math versus the alphabet

Ok, i shared this thought with someone the other day, and he said "you should blog that thought" so here I go:

i was thinking about how calculating numbers was very different from the alphabet (as in the order of letters within it)...

9 x 5 is 45 and i just know that because i memorized it when i was in grade 5...when i want to know a number, i just think of the equation and immediately the result pops into my takes ABSOLUTELY no effort.

the alphabet on the other hand...totally different story...

so when i'm trying to alphabetize something I have to THINK, does "s" come before "r" or after it. then i have to say to myself "r-s-t" ok, after. it takes awhile...

there are some memory tricks i've learned like: v & w = vw, like volkswagen, perfect, almost immediate.

q is always tricky...again, before "s" or after...then i have to do the hard labour of saying "q-r-s-t" ok, got it. before.

anyway, its quirky, its weird...and thats what rob said a blog is all about.

taa daa

Monday, September 27, 2004

Miles and Salmon Baby

Miles Grey is so cute. I love spending time with him and his mom and dad. It was really nice to have our parents around for 2 weeks, we did lots of visiting and took many pictures.

My pregnancy is going well, I can eat pretty normally now but still have to make sure to not wait too long. My belly is "popping" and I'm definitely more obviously pregnant now at 18 and 4/7ths pregnant ;0)

Derek, Richard and Guy put laminate flooring in the livingroom and baby room which looks awesome! Its sooo much cleaner, we just need to get some area rugs now to fill in the room a bit.

I'm in nesting mode, big time, and poor Derek is being good at taking all my home improvement requests. He is going to build a pen for Sparky outside so that he can stay out when we are out (and not get into the day, he emptied an entire, 20lb bag of flour all over the kitchen floor...not so cool).

Mom and Richard bought us a baby bassinet and we bought a jolly jumper and a "bouncer" (a little chair with lots of doo-dads to keep the baby occupied).

heather has had 2 baby showers now (in a row, last weekend) and got lots of sleepers and fun toys for Miles. andrew and heather have been TIRED but some days are good and they get the rest they need. It definitely has woken me up to the reality of parenting...and scared me of course. I just shared with someone today, how i've always been the kind of person who wants to move onto the next stage of life (ie. on my honeymoon to mexico, wanting to get home and set up house). But i'm learning...with pregnancy i definitely dont want it to be over yet, its still so unbelievable, and i want to take the next four months to sleep before entering the sleep depravation time :D

Monday, September 06, 2004

Miles Grey Mellenger born Monday, September 6, 2004 at 8.47am. He weighed 8lbs 7oz. Posted by Hello