Wednesday, September 29, 2004

math versus the alphabet

Ok, i shared this thought with someone the other day, and he said "you should blog that thought" so here I go:

i was thinking about how calculating numbers was very different from the alphabet (as in the order of letters within it)...

9 x 5 is 45 and i just know that because i memorized it when i was in grade 5...when i want to know a number, i just think of the equation and immediately the result pops into my takes ABSOLUTELY no effort.

the alphabet on the other hand...totally different story...

so when i'm trying to alphabetize something I have to THINK, does "s" come before "r" or after it. then i have to say to myself "r-s-t" ok, after. it takes awhile...

there are some memory tricks i've learned like: v & w = vw, like volkswagen, perfect, almost immediate.

q is always tricky...again, before "s" or after...then i have to do the hard labour of saying "q-r-s-t" ok, got it. before.

anyway, its quirky, its weird...and thats what rob said a blog is all about.

taa daa

1 comment:

rob said...

You're welcome!

Honestly, I do the same with letters.

Truth be told, I do it with numbers sometimes also!