Friday, March 24, 2006

lately life has been...

well, its been so long since i've posted. lots has happened, diedre turned one. that was a great day, a little sad, a little hectic (lots of house guests), then i lost all my pictures (scary) but andrew got them all back.

i have completed my first project with stir and am waiting for another one.

i am living in a new town (since september) and the main thing thats going on, i guess, is trying to get to know people. there are few couples from church that i feel i'm connecting with a bit. then there are a few from other mom's groups. i find it hard sometimes because although i dont have a problem striking up a conversation, i am so sensitive, so if someone seems less interested in talking to me the next time i see them, i worry that i came on too strong or something. its weird to be making new friends at this age i guess. i was not afraid of it before, but i just keep telling myself to give it time. take it slow. dont read into what people say. its pretty annoying that i am so easily upset because i think i am usually fairly self-assured.

i guess its like any other "doubts" i've had in my life, i have to write a mental list so that i can tell myself the truth, in order to bring myself back to feeling the truth and assurance. knowing that about myself has helped me with my faith, with my relationship with derek (early stages) and hopefully in this case too.

diedre has been such a joy. i am enjoying watching her learn and grow and i love to watch her play. its so cute.

i also had my first day away from her, last saturday. i was away from her for 10 hours. several girlfriends and i went downtown vancouver to shop and then to a chocolate buffet. it was very very sweet and i got a new outfit for my friend's wedding. i did really well away from diedre, i almost cried when i was having a 3pm snack, b/c i thought "she should be having a snack now!" hee hee
derek also said he enjoyed his special time alone with her. he will get a little more of that on monday night when i go to a wedding shower.

in other news, my mom has found a job out here, tentatively starting july 1st!!! yay! we are so excited to have grandma jen & grandpa richard out here to spend time with.

anyway, i guess i'll get going, baby d should be waking up soon from a nap. she is still napping great! about two 2-hour naps a day.