Monday, August 29, 2005


apparently i've been tagged by leah for saying she's a bad blogger...i think what i actually said was "you're the worst!" but Leah, you'll be glad to know, you are not actually the worst. i think the worst right now would be my friend rose--may 15! was the last post. yada yada busy lives, we've all got busy lives people! its about priorities, and if giving a glance into your life is not a priority...then i guess thats when you become a bad blogger...ok anyway, onto the taggingness

top 10 loves re: fall
1. changing leaves
2. blackberries wrapping up the season
3. long weekends (sep, oct & nov all have statutory holidays--still cool even if i'm on mat leave cuz then derek is around more)
4. wearing sweaters feels cozy
5. rain :S
6. the grass dies :S
7. can't just sit outside on the grass (it might be weepy from the rain) :S
8. house is colder :S
9. husband will want to let the animals sleep inside cuz its getting colder :S
10. have to start making fires again to keep the chill out of the house :S

ok, so i could only think of 4 things i like about fall...and #2 isnt even that good of a thing since i love blackberries. fall just seems to be so much about death. plants die, leaves die, grass dies...then it starts to rain alot. hmmm anyway, i love christmas time and then we're heading back to spring.


Leah said...

Hmm, I never seen fall as death but a fresh start. Another school year begins, people stop taking their holidays and stay at work. Spring has always felt like death to because everything is so muddy and wet and icky.

Patricia said...

Man! Sounds like the fall is a really depressing time for you! I hope you enjoy the changing leaves.

the salmon said...

no fall doesn't depress me,it just isn't as exciting to me as to others i guess. i prefer warm weather but i still like a good cozy sweater in fall.

Michelle said...

fall is my second favourite season :) spring being my most favourite.

you forgot a great reason to love fall... dressing your kids up in cute costumes! walking in a big rainstorm is one of my favourite things to do, and watching the kids splash in puddles warms up my heart :)

Richard & Jennifer Gagne said...

I am glad you are posting here. I enjoy your thoughtful posts. I am extreeeemly proud of you and love you lots. Fall in Ontario is of course beautiful with blue skies and multi-colored foilage. Breath-taking.

the salmon said...

thanks mom. i feel the same way about you!!