Monday, February 06, 2006

i hate fax machines

i just need a fax machine so i can start my new job. i need to fax them the contract so they can respond with my first job. i guess i'll be running out to buy a fax machine as soon as diedre wakes up from her nap. i better get on the phone to try to find the best deal.

at my previous job, there was this room with a big fax machine dinosaur...i sat for 30 minutes straight waiting for it to FINALLY complete transmission. that is where my hatred began and grew. but then my good friends in the travel department took pity on me and would let me do my faxes through their normal fax machine. much better. much happier. i will hopefully get a machine like theirs. simple, new, logical. thats my plan anyway.


Michelle said...

so, you'll be able to do this job from home then? or will there be office time as well?

the salmon said...

i think it will all be contract work from home. there might be some face to face meetings but i will have to wait and see. they know my situation (no childcare available) so i think they will do their best to accomodate that too.