Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dora rules my life

well, sometimes it feels like that.

i'm groggy, i prepare breakfast, get my coffee ready and alas, it is time for dora (7.40am).

then we get going with our day, maybe visit a playgroup, go to the park, go grocery shopping, home for a nap.

then what? snack time (usually apple and cheese) and dora again...(4pm).

then its a short wait until daddy's home. so until then, we work on our dora puzzles.


Michelle said...

but hey, aren't you thrilled with all the spanish you're learning LOL.. i feel the same way about dinosaurs. when kaeden was a toddler, he would get mad at me if i forgot a name or called one by the wrong name... get it right, momma! LOL. finally, the obsession is starting to fade...

the salmon said...

that's really cute! toddlers are so bossy sometimes (i wonder where they get that from, couldnt be me, no no)


Michelle said...

and i'm not stubborn at all either ;)