Thursday, June 09, 2011

pain in the horizon

well, its happened. its about to happen again. I am pregnant. My fourth time being pregnant. and Labour and Delivery are coming up very soon.

With all my struggles with weight, I began this pregnancy after going to the gym or exercising from about March to October. One week after finding out I was pregnant, I re-herniated my bellybutton, while using a body ball, lying on my stomach on it...GRRRR I was very very disappointed. It was quite painful and I stopped exercising then and have pretty much had a very low-exercise pregnancy. I was very sick during the first several months of this pregnancy. Finally, with maybe, ten or 8 weeks left, I started to feel better. To feel good. I have a big baby belly, but I had a positive mind and bursts of energy. I think the clear mind was really what did me good and continues to give me energy to enjoy my family and the last time being pregnant.

As far as the weight gain has gone, its been amazing. I lost 5 lbs having the flu early on in the pregnancy, and have since only gained 19 lbs from my start weight (which was very high for me), with only 4 to 5 weeks left in this pregnancy! I am really thankful about that.

I'm starting to get a little scared about labour now. It could happen "anytime" but the last 2 pregnancies have continued well past the due date, so I have to prepare myself that that will happen again.

My main thought lately is that I HAVE to avoid oxytocin at all costs. My last labour was so painful and rushed and I had serious neck and back pain that needed actual physio and chiropractic work for months after. So again, I am hoping to stay off of the IV, stay off of the bed, keep moving around as much as possible, and let this baby come when ready.

I get my Group B Strep test done on Monday, so that will let me know if I need antibiotics. I also have some fears about going "late" in the pregnancy, because I think every baby I've had has had meconium in the amniotic fluid. This can be caused by a particular stressful day on the baby, or because I deliver so late. But why would my body not evict the baby if it was the right time? Then they have to ingest some of this dirty fluid which leads to some of the respiratory and lung issues all of my kids have had...? it makes me sad that my body doesn't keep things more scheduled or healthy but I have no choice! There could be meconium in there now, with 4 or 5 weeks left! And obviously nothing I can do about that!

I am also very thankful for taking the time to go to the gym before getting pregnant. I think it is for that reason that my belly is not protruding quite as far out from my body as the last 2 pregnancies. It seems to be more contained, and I can actually flex my lower abs to bring my belly up a little. Hopefully that will help this labour to progress better as the baby seems to be in a better position, over my cervix rather than right outside my body like the last 2!

Its pretty crazy/interesting to have had 4 pregnancies and now to be heading to my fourth delivery! I jest and say that I've been through so many different scenarios that this time I wouldn't be surprised if I had a C-section! Of course, I don't actually want one, and that's also part of why I want to be wiser this time:

Don't put so much work into "getting labour going" by walking and exhausting myself.
Rest. Sleep if I can.
Stay away from the hospital until I'm actually in labour. The last 2 times, I had induction appointments set, but by trying to make labour happen, I wore myself out and they admitted me early. I really don't want to do that again.

I keep thinking of my first labour. I was at home. Got sick. Got a bad contraction that made me yelp and cry it was so painful. Then, after a bit of that, went into the hospital. I was only 2 days overdue. The nurse broke my water (without my, or my Doc's permission which is apparently a "no-no") and it did send me into proper labour, where I delivered 8 hours later. I had only the gas and Demerol (which they don't give anymore) which is considered to be a "drug-free" labour because neither of those things actually helped relieve pain for me. And she was posterior, sunny-side up.

So that is giving me some confidence that I can have a "natural" labour, without chemical induction. I just need to stay strong. Stay positive. And get some more rest!! I have 3 little kids! ;D

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