Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a new role

well i am officially NOT going back to work full time at Campus Crusade for Christ. i worked there since september 2002. it was a place where i feel i grew up alot.

i got excited today thinking that i can continue to be around for diedre full time. that i can watch her as she learns new things and be there to teach her.

i hope to do some part time work with my friend's company but that wont be right away (since i still have time on mat leave)...and of course there's still choice climbing, my sadly neglected venture.

i own the domain and my brother said he'd make me a website so i paid for hosting and then when i asked him about it he said "don't you have frontpage?" so i guess that's that for now. i'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog but i know he's really busy so i don't want to pester him with my website need. i would love to learn some basic stuff to be able to get one going but at this point, i don't have a clue how to design one from scratch.

anyhoo, its freeing and exciting to know i wont be going back to "the office" even though there were many good times. i think i will do well at a flexible and varied schedule. i like change and variety so this should work out well, a little parenting, then a little casual work during nap times or when daddio is home to play with diedre.

i have been thinking a bit about how this will change my social life though, so we'll see if adding work into the mix will stress me out. i don't like stress and i hope to be able to avoid it. i figure the main thing i'll be giving up is naps. then derek cant laugh at me and say "how many naps did you have today?" or when i say "i'm tired" and he says "me too, and i didn't get a nap." i don't get alot of sympathy from someone who often gets up before me, works a physically demanding job and then comes home after dark. i must say i do prefer the commute from diedre's room to the living room better than having to drive 20 minutes to an office.

anyway, i'm not sure i'm totally making sense here, but probably michelle and my mom will read this, i don't know if anyone else does...its late so i guess i'll go to bed.

i am feeling very thankful tonight for God's patience with me and love, for derek my match, and for diedre my bright star. my heart is welling up with affection. ciao


kelly said...

i think it's great that you can stay home with diedre past your mat leave. that's what alf and I hope to be able to do, and that I can help the income with teaching piano or something like that. But I'm a total fan of stay-at-home parents. I won't go further - I could really ramble on that. maybe I'll blog about that myself :)

the salmon said...

good idea! i used to think that would be my preference too, and it is, but i can see how daycare can offer alot to a child aswell (if its not a full time solution).

diedre and i are very connected, and she likes to be close to me, i try to go to mom's groups and to leave her in the nursery at church but she does not do well there yet.

its a nice break to get to do something with a group of people without her there but its nice to know she prefers her parents the best.

Leah said...

I am going to miss you. I was looking forward to you coming back. I hope you can still come visit me at work.

Michelle said...

what a huge decision! i'm so happy that i'm able to stay home with my kids. i don't even have to do daycare if i didn't want to, but i sure does help out with the bills.

i'm gonna have to face this whole decision when i'm done having kids and they are all in school full time. i'll have nothing to do! so i'll probably get a job of some sort. i have my eye on our natural food store.. i'd love to work there just to get the employee's discount LOL.

the salmon said...

leah- i'll miss you too but i may still be able to work on some TM projects down the line. and i will definitely come back to visit!

michelle- ya, i thought about retail too, like starbucks or something but i couldn't go back to minimum wage!

andie said...

Front Page is soooo easy. I took a class last spring through Langley Continuing Education. It was $99 for 5 evening classes and I know you'd catch on fast.

If you decide you really want to get serious about your business, it would be worth taking the course.

Jessi said...

i read this blog too amanda, you've got lots of fans! :)

what a big choice for you to make -- garnet and i decided while i was still pregnant that even if it meant not having all the money and toys that a double income family can have -- it was worth it to stay home. i was lucky enough to get a job when tim was 2 that i can bring him with me for 3 hours a day, let him play with kids, i can interact with other moms, and get paid....and not pay!!
but no matter how long we have whether it's a year or 15 years -- it's a treasure and so important (for both parent and child!!)

Green Squiggly said...

Oh i read this blog, someone needs to be responsible for the bad grammar. "Parttime" isn't a word. Unless you were meaning "I hope to do some partytime work with my friend ... blah blah." in which case, i think your sadly neglected venture is grammar and spelling.

the salmon said...

ok, g.s. i edited my post so that it doesn't say "parttime" anymore. and i have a question for you: is your blog really called "grammarlesions" or is it supposed to be "grammar lessons?"

Michelle said...

i don't think i would go back to a minimum wage job either. i would want to work somewhere i already love though, and get an employee discount to boot ;P i don't think our NFS is minimum wage.

the salmon said...

glad to hear it! you deserve better than that michelle :D

one of my friends has such a sweet hook-up with a company discount at The Gap. she only works at Christmas time or other crunch times but is still on the staff list and gets the 40% discount all year!