Tuesday, January 17, 2006

times are changing

its so exciting to see the changes going on around us. diedre is changing and that changes our schedules too. she requires more interaction and attention as she hands us book after book to read, or crawls over for a hug every couple of minutes. its such a blessing and so amazing to see the changes in her. learning new words, practicing sounds, falling asleep easily (yay!!!). i feel so thankful for the time we've had with her so far. what an amazing experience this has been. to have a daughter, to be a mother. i love it.

i cant help but feel a little melancholy over the times that have gone by, the newborn stage, the little bitty clothes, the helplessness of a little baby. now we see her learning some independance in how she plays and explores her world. she's growing up and she's only 10.5 months...it goes so fast. wowsa. but it is inevitable of course. so i'm ok with that too. she is still very little and has so much to learn. these are fun times. times of change.


Michelle said...

i had a dream last night that i was living in your mom's house (not sure where she was, she wasn't living there anymore), and it was so nice and beautiful, but i was scared of living in the woods with the bears.


the salmon said...

strange...mom & richard are moving to bc by october 1st this year! but they will be renting out their house in ontario...maybe you guys are going to be moving back home...hee hee

Michelle said...

i don't know, you'd have to pay me alot of money to get me back to NB. we're happy where we are lol.