Sunday, June 04, 2006

braxton hicks already?

i was lying on my back and i felt my womb tightening. i dont know how to write this without it sounding gross, but i could feel my womb, with my hands, the size of a melon. it was kind of cool, kind of painful. i dont think its anything to worry about, but yikes, 16 weeks, thats pretty early to be getting contractions :)

i went to a dietician on friday. it was quite interesting. i learned a few things:

1. skim milk has all the calcium i need in it. i thought when pregnant, i should drink a higher percentage for the fat content, but oh no no, she assured me, i need fat, but not milk fat. good fats, like fish oils or olive oil.
2. i should not eat any tuna. i thought that was just an old wives tale/urban myth and that a little tuna was ok. apparently NO, not at all. too much mercury for preg woman.
3. out of the 4 food groups, i was only eating enough grains. not enough fruit/veg, dairy or meat/alternatives...bad. she said it was especially important that i get 3 servings of meat/alternatives because protein helps build cells. she said even big men that come to her are only allowed 2 servings, only pregnant women get 3 servings.
4. i think she said cottage cheese does not have a significant amount of calcium and is therefore a pretty useless food. i dont like it anyway.

she also dissed weight watchers alot. i hate it when health professionals are always dissing things or other doctors. we started out the meeting in a pretty condescending way, but i stuck to my went a little something like this:

dietician: why are you here?
me: well, i dont want to gain another 50lbs this time. i also thought you might have some ideas of what i could eat to help me with morning sickness. i dont really know what you have to offer but i'd like to see what you have to say.

d: so you haven't lost all the weight?

me: no, i know thats lots of people dont lose all their weight...

d: its normal?? [sarcastic guffaw]

me: well, i think it might be because i just stopped breastfeeding recently.

d: where are you getting your information from??? [sarcastic condescension]

me: from my dr. i lost 30lbs within 3 weeks of her birth. the rest has not come off at all (except for when i got really sick and lost 5 lbs). my dr. said it probably had to do with my body retaining fat for breastfeeding.

d: well, thats only like 10lbs or 5lbs maybe [guffaw]

me: ya, that sounds about right.

d: so you were 140 when you got pregnant? and thats a healthy weight for you?

me: i was, but i think 150 is a more comfortable weight for me. i think i was a bit too thin at 140.

d: ok, so thats the 10lbs for breastfeeding.

me: (in my head--that's what i'm saying!!!)

anyway, i didnt walk out or anything, just figured she's one of those experts that has to be right about everything, and my dr. knows squat.

pet peeve of mine. condescending professionals...barf

anyway, baby is kicking once in awhile, not necessarily daily that i notice but its nice.

my mom & stepdad are on their way from Ontario! its so exciting to have them moving here. they are sending us text messages to update their location. they are in terrace bay tonight b/c of car troubles which are all fixed now. they hope to be here june 13th at the latest. yay!!!



Stefanie said...

Very cool that your parents are moving to BC!! And I agree with you about the dietitian.. get off your high horse already!

Hey I remember Kelly blogging when she was pregnant about how she didn't get morning sickness and perhaps that was because of the fact she ate a banana everyday. Have you tried that? Don't know if it's a true correlation and/or if it works for everyone.

the salmon said...

i have eaten bananas but if they are not just perfectly ripe/unripe then i get sick :)

but i'm hoping eating more food and more balance will help. i've been on this new plan for three days and have not been sick or even naseous yet...

andie said...

I had braxton hicks with Davey really early...probably around 15 or 16 weeks. Maybe it means you're having a boy?

I would ignore your dietician's negative comments (especially about WW) and just take anything helpful. Hopefully some of what she had to say was helpful???

the salmon said...

oh totally, i think much of her input on what to eat was great. i haven't thrown up since seeing her :)

i just think she was a bit snooty

Lisa's Diet said...

What does she have against WW,geesh what nerve!!!