Sunday, July 09, 2006

sick, sick, sick

argh, nothing beats being sick like being really sick...

diedre got a nasty medley of illnesses the other week (ear infection #4, throat infection, and croupy cough) so i had a very boring long weekend sitting and watching Baby Einstein or other kid movies with her. she started to get better mid-week, just when a terrible "croupy" cough started happening in my throat and chest.

it is now more of a head cold with a terrible cough that makes me pee sometimes (well, you try coughing for 5 days and nights and see if you can hold it together the whole time!). its very frustrating and i havent been getting good nighttime sleep or much rest at all during the day. its been really challenging and by the time i'm better, derek will have this too probably.

today i feel so-so. i was able to have a steamy shower (to loosen the chest congestion) and then a really yummy and healthy smoothy for breakfast, followed by a hot coffee. it really helped. i'm at the rudolf stage, where i have a constantly running nose and a very evil sneeze too!!! thats when it all comes out...icky

anyway, i've had better days. 5 days of this has been too much. but i just keep thinking i gotta get better one of these days. and i'm sure i will.

tonight, we will be celebrating my mom's birthday (its on wednesday) so hopefully our little family is not contagious or anything...we will have to keep our distance from the mellengers and my parents too.

derek and diedre are still napping, but i think we need to go soon since its a good hour to get to white rock. hopefully the nap will help derek feel better for today.



Michelle said...

i hope you feel better really soon! it totally sucks to be sick :(

happy birthday to your mom!

Englers said...

what?! you're sick and *he's* napping?! men!