Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 months to go!!!

its amazing but true, this baby has been growing and growing and only has 3 months to go before birth!

i'm finally feeling better, more energetic (i still "need" my coffee most days) and pretty optimistic about the future growth of our family.

i am gaining weight now and able to eat almost anything. i wish weight was not such an issue for me. i know when i was at my ideal weight, i really felt like i had body image issues under control and it was perfect timing to have a daughter...but the past year has been hard. my body has changed so much, there is some permanent damage from childbearing. i think the stage my body is in now is great because the belly has grown enough that it is hard and not flabby at all, but i know i'm just going to get bigger and bigger.

it was really nice for me to not gain weight until later in the pregnancy, but i know its inevitable and healthy to do so, but its still a little humbling. with my first pregnancy, i pretty much gave up eating healthy the last trimester and ate burgers and fries alot. i gained 7lbs one WEEK. it was pretty crazy. although the doctor said it was water retention more likely than from all the peanut butter cookies i'd eaten (although, i assured him, i ate ALOT of pb cookies).

at this stage, i've gained 10lbs so if i gain 1lb or less per week the rest of the pregnancy (14 weeks), i will be right on track. i will try to be disciplined and eat healthy and then i'll know its all happening as it should be. i'm pretty doubtful that i will only gain 1lb per week. i guess i feel more confident or that i know its my responsibility to eat healthy, and if i don't, i know i will pay for it later and be annoyed that the weight isn't coming off, its a toss up, each time i want a cookie :)
diedre has been falling asleep in my arms for nearly one month after being sick for several weeks and then travelling. but this week i've really been trying to get her back into falling asleep on her own. there is a little crying, but each night or naptime it becomes less and less.

i'm so glad diedre is finally healthy and back into a rountine. we are really loose with some aspects of her routine, but having the "falling asleep" skill is sooo helpful! i'm feeling more rested because of it and last night was perfect. derek and i were able to watch a show then visit without me holding her asleep because she was already in her crib. derek and i have not spent 2 hours together (alone) in the evening before 10pm in forever!!! so it was great.

diedre's also been sleeping a little longer than her usual 9 hours which is awesome. i've been jealous all year of my friends' kids who sleep 12 or more hours per night, plus long naps! but if she can sleep 11 hours then i'm laughing! now is the time, or rather, from now on that it would be so helpful if she was consistent with the longer sleep so i can get the final 3 months of rest before baby2 arrives.

i guess thats probably a sufficient update at this point. thanks for reading :)


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Michelle said...

wow, august 10th huh. it's october, girl, time for a new update!