Saturday, November 04, 2006

11 days to go

wow, i'm almost at 10 days to go!!!

i should have been sleeping for the last 3 hours but i got woken up by the tenants arriving to move in (i had to give them a key) and then i just couldn't get various nesting ideas out of my head (storage room--you're next on my list!!!). diedre is still asleep and its been 3.5 hours, this is the longest she may have ever slept. derek is also sleeping as he was up until 5am, then i woke him at 8am after i got more reno supplies from Home Depot and we both worked for 2 more hours in the suite.

i am feeling tired, but okay. i think i will probably wake derek up when diedre gets up so we can spend the afternoon together--imagine that!? its been awhile! my poor guy has been doing double duty these days and i'm so glad he will get a little rest before baby2 comes...although for all the work i've been putting in, baby2 might be coming sooner than we thought (or so i can hope).

i'm going to try putting diedre to be in her new room (if we deem it safe, i'm a little worried about her new dresser being tippy and some of the other furniture as well, so we'll have to secure it to the wall or something).

anyway, i'm enjoying my final days of pregnancy. it hurts, its heavy, i have a hard time walking when i first get up from sitting or lying down and by night time i am seriously hobbling around--but the baby is moving tons still, i think it dropped down even lower the other day (i felt a strange pressure on my bowels all of a sudden) and i'm excited! i'm enjoying my time with diedre and am looking forward to seeing how she handles this change in her life and mommy time.


diedre's up!

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Michelle said...

i think that you are at the point where you need to post something everyday, otherwise people will think you are in labour ;)