Friday, July 25, 2008

what to much to do...?

i'm just thinking about the fall and what kinds of responsibilities i want to have when i'm about to add a little one to our family. i have been in a role of responsibility for a mom's group over the last year and its time to make commitments again. then i'm thinking of my needs as a mom and as a woman, and the longer i'm in my town (nearly 3 years) the more i learn about whats out there to do for me or my kids.

sunday morning: church, but no participation on worship team or nursery until at least january.
tuesday morning: i will be busy with a Christian preschool that diedre and ezekiel like to attend which at most requires bringing a snack on rotation.
wednesday morning (1st & 3rd of the month): the mom's group where i led a discussion group and had to call my ladies the week before. this also requires attending meetings throughout the year. there is a preschool type class that my kids will be in together. the baby will probably be with me.
wednesday morning (every 2nd wed, may or may not coincide with the mom's group): a ladies/mom's bible study, with childcare provided. it sounds like a really encouraging group and a nice break from kids.
friday early afternoon: maybe dance lessons for diedre

so basically, when i moved to this town i really wanted to find a ladies bible study like the one i now know about but it took 2 years before i heard about it and i didnt get the chance to go last year b/c of the other mom's group. so now, i'm at the point of needing to commit again to the one group or maybe not. i could always just be a casual attendee, rather than involved in the leadership of it.

any thoughts? i just dont want to get overbooked and have to back out of things. i'd rather just take the low-key road and do what i can from there.


Michelle said...
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the salmon said...

thats definitely along the lines of what i'm thinking too. to keep things as simple as can be.

the bible study is something that would offer childminding for the older two, so it could be a relaxing time for me (especially if it is a casual setting, not structured like the discussion group) and an opportunity to get out of the house for the older kids.

the preschool class is structured for the kids, but i can stay or leave depending on how the kids are doing so that might be nice if i have errands or something to do.

i dont want to cut off all opportunities for diedre and ezekiel to socialize because that could be hard on them. so i guess i could just hope for visitors to come by to keep them company.