Monday, February 02, 2009

its my blog and i'll whine if i want to

i feel:

-guilty for booking preschool on monday mornings because it makes it too big of a day (too much activity) for my daughter and then makes me feel like skipping caregroup in the evening.
-guilty for bannishing my daughter to her room to have a quiet time while i decide if i can handle taking 3 kids to caregroup without my husband
-annoyed that we ever bought a house that would require such extensive renovations just to be a safe living environment
-guilty for begrudging our decision to buy this house
-thankful that my husband is so handy, energetic, willing to renovate to make this a safe/healthy place to live (ie. mold free)
-tired, very very tired
-extremely sore in the shoulders and upper back because i keep having to cancel my physio appointments
-annoyed that my basic needs cannot be taken care of
-self-doubting about so much because i'm tired
-disappointed with myself for not being stricter with weight watchers this week
-annoyed that i cant go for a run because my husbands reno is priority and we decided to have lots of kids so its not possible
-annoyed that all the AA batteries are in the kids toys and none left for my wii fit balance board
-sorry for letting my baby cry while i type out these feelings but i dont know how to get her to calm down right now because she's teething and her schedule has changed once again
-sick of answering questions or having to meet demands by 3 or 4 people
-ready for bed
-a little better at the end of this list
-worried about my dad and his liver issues. it reminds me that i'm 30, he's 62, we're all getting older
-stressed by finances but proud of our efforts to eat at home more
-too tired to change out of my workout clothes although i might feel better if i do before we go out


ramblin'andie said...

Oh how I can relate!

amanda salmon said...

oh motherguilt!

Mandy said...

Hey Amanda. Can you please email me at I thought I had your email address but I was wrong and I would like to catch up. :)