Tuesday, May 05, 2009

too many MCs not enough mics

okay, thoughts thoughts thoughts analytical emotional thoughts. i cannot escape them. they are unfortunately something i have to live with and deal with.

today's barrage:
character development vs. behaviour modification

how do you get a boy to use the potty?

am i making positive connections with my kids when they watch tv for a few hours then we go out and do something with other people? am i depending too much on others to help me thru my day? am i building my family or passing them off on other people, even tho i'm there, in a good mood, and enjoying watching them play or appreciating that they can play nice?

i'm trying to hug my kids more. it reminds me of the blessing they are and that i was so honored to have them in my life throughout my pregnancies and into their new life.

i'm a sentimental packrat that is raising a sentimental packrat who is teaching her brother to be a sentimental packrat. (that seems like a good status update line).

can i make it thru this day without getting "depressed" by 7 or 8pm when my DH comes home?

someone told me that depression is like a fever, it forces your body to take a break, mental capacities kind of shut down and you are forced to rest, regardless of mounting responsibilities.

i'm an unusual person who talks thru things when most people introvert.

i'm trying to trust that God knows what i need and that He's going to give me what i need a the right time.

thats all i've got time for now.

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ramblin'andie said...

How do you get a girl to use the potty? Elisabeth just refuses. Could care less if her diaper is dirty/wet and if she's wearing underwear, she just takes off the wet ones and puts new ones on. David was SO much easier. He just woke up one day, said "I'm going to use the potty from now on" and did. No accidents. *sigh*