Thursday, June 11, 2009

try, try, try

i went back to weight watchers again tonight. first time since january 29. well, its been a tough couple months, lots of sicknesses, my first bout with allergies, a couple bouts of serious depression, then some realignment of my life and some re-integration of my husband into our family time. so i guess, now the renovation is nearing completion, there's light at the end of the tunnel (i almost wrote "tonnel" which, is a little descriptive of the TON of stuff thats been going on)...

regardless, things ARE going much better now. i am feeling much more grounded, enjoying my family, i even cut out tv for the kids this week. four days down! i'm loving having no tv. i was noticing that Audrey is at a very interactive stage of life: crawling, smiling, wanting to "talk" and just interacting. i was noticing that my little tv kids were not really interacting with her much (especially first thing, cuz they were watching it first thing in the morning. which began when i was too tired to get up in the morning so they just went to watch tv). so now, they have had some great times interacting, playing together, playing with our little kittens. its been just what i wanted. Diedre still asks for tv (maybe once a day, but not today!) and i just say no and suggest books or colouring or playdough and she went for it. yay!

and now, time for getting back to weight watchers. sadly, i have to pay! argh! its been YEARS since i've paid because i achieved lifetime membership the first time i did it and then i used the "free" post-partum time line after each pregnancy. anyway, i paid up for 5 weeks. so i'll try to bust my butt and see how close i can get to my goal in that time. i've got 24.2 lbs to i think i'll be needing more that 5 weeks but its a start.

lets call these the "before" pics since i've been hovering around this weight for awhile now.
anyway, go amanda go, we'll see :D

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