Thursday, July 16, 2009

feeling closer

i had a goal of reaching my 5% loss or being under 170lbs. i felt pretty excited about the prospect of being under 170 since it feels like its been a looong time, and thats just so much closer to 155.

i got my 5% which was an 8.8 lb accumulative loss (since the "restart" on June 11) but 10.2 lbs since i began in October. i'm only 13 lbs from being back within my allowable weight (at 155 goal) so thats pretty exciting, and quite attainable. i just finished 5 weeks which i prepaid, and then paid for a single day today. so i figure if i keep going at a steady pace, another 5 weeks should/could have me at goal! will i ever be excited to be back under 160!! its coming :D

i'm starting to look the way i want to look and now its just fine tuning. i'm still having some issues with my belly button (its slightly herniated, and sometimes is hard so thats kind of scary). i talked to a clinic dr. about it and he was pretty adamant that if i experienced any pain that i should head straight to Maple Ridge for emergency surgery. hmmm

here's to filling your plate half full with veggies!

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