Friday, July 31, 2009

make every moment count

two things happened in two days that reminded me to make every moment count.

first, i watched a raunchy movie, it was pretty funny at times, it had some insights into relationships, but then it impacted me with its clever way of distracting from the truth and encouraging insensitivity to evil. it made me feel sick. i was embarassed to be in the theatre, feeling embarassed that someone from church might see me there. i felt sad for our society and especially younger generations (since its 14A in canada, but R in the states) who are being led to a trough of sexual and moral confusion. music (ie. i kissed a girl), movies (most??? i watch alot of movies, and i CANNOT believe the level of sexual content that is in a 14A, even PG 13 is very close), even commercials and of course, magazines, tv, etc. are so full of terrible examples of sexuality and what is expected of women or men. i feel confused. i dont know what it means to be a Christian woman, married, sexy, holy: whats right, whats not for me in those roles? watching this movie, i just wonder what Christian couples have decided are acceptable vs. what does God actually think about all this? what's He going to say when we see Him? thats where make every moment count comes in: dont waste time listening to advice on marriage, sex and relationships from sources that are not on common ground with the Bible. Secondly, dont give into what this culture is doing, it was making me think of Sodom and Gomorrah...our culture is trying its hardest to normalize EVERYTHING. nothing is off limits. and this is way beyond sex before marriage, or casual sex. anyway, i take purity seriously. or i would like to. i would like to make every moment count for purity, to say no to what our society/culture is trying to do, to mess with marriages and relationships. and its not that a person/producer/writer is necessarily intentionally plotting to cheapen marriages and commitment or trying to make people continually unsatisfied with their partners (or maybe there is, ie. to have effective, thriving, consumerism there must be newer, improved items to buy, and the old ones have to be thrown away--thats what we do with things, thats what society seems to be doing with people). plus, i think writers think they are writing what is actually happening out there, but in the process, the power of suggestion make "what is actually happening" somewhere, start to happen everywhere.
(like in another movie i saw recently, they had to have a 3 girls kissing at a party since 2 girls kissing is not as riske anymore, its just so darn commonplace (snarcastic)).

i wished i would have looked up the rating on as it does give a clear run thru of what to expect of a movie. so if your heart sounds like mine, dont go see The Ugly Truth.

i sooo want young women, not so young women, all women to see their value AS A WOMAN and to not give themselves away for nothing, with little thought. to see they are precious.

the other thing that made me see that i need to make every moment count, was when i was approached by a nice young lady to do a bible study and every time she saw me, she'd say she wanted to get together and talk and do a bible study. i didnt want to rush her into anything, and i also dont want to over commit myself, but i was excited for the opportunity. so we finally made a date to get together, then the day before, we ran into eachother, had a little visit, a little catch up, so then we planned to keep our date for the next day. i felt compelled by God to share some quick points of what it means to commit to God, but i decided to save it for the next day.

she cancelled. with a non-committal rebook for the day after. it didnt happen.

i wish i would have just said what i wanted to say that first day. lesson learned. i'll try that next time. why not? my life is in God. what i need to say, can be said with preparation or not. God will use the willing heart and also when the opportunity arises, i know to use it.

anyway, poor audrey is calling me to bed, so to bed i will go.


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ramblin'andie said...

Hey! I don't check your blog for a month and all of a sudden you start blogging regularly again? I can see I have to put you on my google reader :P

This is an AWESOME post and so where I'm at these days. We've even been struggling with going to church because I just can't stand to expose my kids to children's church teachers who stand around cracking dirty jokes with the ushers before church (it's happened!)

Staff conference changed my perspective a bit (seeing all those people who have not only been on staff for 20 or 30+ years, but seeing their kids living whole heartedly for God as well). But before that I was feeling really jaded and turned off so-called Christians.

I sound really self righteous, but I'm not really. Just struggling :P