Friday, August 28, 2009

its really really happening!

i was so blown away yesterday when i weighed in and had lost THREE pounds this week. i was away camping (or rather, cabin-ing) with family and everyone contributed to meals so i didnt have points or control over the items. i went on to have extra dinner and a little chocolate, and a piece of pie the night before weigh-in so i was really anticipating that i had maintained my weight, but definitely not lost.

the only thing i can think is that i must have upped my exercise to achieve a 3 lb loss because i was not being "good" or "perfect" on the plan by any means. i dont really get a chance to exercise on a weekly basis, i maybe get one walk in a week, so perhaps doing a nature walk for an hour (while carrying an 18lb baby) and walking back and forth to the swimming pool and leisure lounge area to our cabin must have helped balance out the lasagne, garlic bread, tarts, etc.

it seems that my weight loss pattern has been to lose 2-3 lbs one week, then just under a lb the next week, so that works out to about 2 lbs per week.

i guess it kind of scared me to have such a big loss since i want this to be permanent, not too quick and easy. it definitely has not been easy, i do say no to many things, but i guess i'm eating within my limit for the most part without missing out on life or the joy of social eating :)

when i think of the number: 162, it doesnt seem very low, but i was wearing size 30 jeans on the weekend and i tried on some 30s today that gaped at the back (just the wrong cut) and even a 29 fit okay, i'm swimming in my size 13 capris (they've go to go!), and my underwear are all stretched from pregnancy and so i finally bought some new ones today (which i'm nervous will be too small as mediums, but they look big when i hold them up).

when i saw myself in the mirror at the cabin this weekend, i thought: "Wow! I'm done losing weight! that is how i picture myself looking, how i want to look." Then i had a shower and put in my contacts and i looked much larger--strange...regardless, i guess i'm basically done, especially if i'm fitting size 30 jeans, now i'm just working to get to a number i'm more comfortable with, like 150 or 155 (if i'm still nursing).

Audrey is 11 months old tomorrow. its crazy how it feels like the weight has just fallen off since June when it was such a struggle from October to June, where i remained at 180 lbs all those months. I dont feel that maintenance will be hard since i was able to maintain 180 for 8 or 9 months. I feel like its finally really really happening :D

yay for me!

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