Monday, January 04, 2010

argh...where is thursday?

i know where thursday is. its in 4 more days, but it seems so far away. i really want to go back to weight watchers. after having a really tough year, then minor surgery, then Christmas where i was good at eating small portions of regular food, but then ate TONS of chocolate and sweets and chips...and then I tipped the scales at 180 lbs last night...and the day before that, i was 174 lbs and the day before that i was 172 lbs (which is a full 10lbs from where i was when i quite going to weight watchers last). i do not want to be anywhere near 180lbs...its like i'm pregnant, i look pregnant in the belly, but seriously! not good.

so i am counting points today, so far. (i just took a break to grab a bag of carrots).

i have gotten so far away from the healthy eating i was doing before--barely eating any vegetables, except with dinner. thankfully, i have some tried and true methods to get me back at it: drinking lots of water, eating vegetables and fruits for snacks, a grapefruit and cereal for breakfast always keeps me going, as does an apple and cheese.

i dont have much faith that i can stick to my 25 points for today, especially cuz that's without nursing points (since i have been only nursing a little lately, then today, i've already nursed 4 times before 1pm). but i'll give it a go, and at least count points.

okay, time for some more water!

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mellenger said...

well, if i am reading correctly it looks like you gained 8 lbs in 2 days. that doesn't seem possible. i'm sure that will all come off very quickly.