Saturday, November 29, 2008

trying to be perfect

can't do it.

i cannot be perfect.

i was all ready to start counting my points and not going over as of yesterday (thursdays are my weigh in day, so i figured friday was a good day to get back at it, start fresh).

i did well all day. then i headed out to my parents with my kids. i stopped to pick up a Tim Horton's coffee for my husband and on a whim decided to buy myself a mocha which is like 4 points...then we got wings, garlic toast and lasagne for dinner on the was all over then. i saw those chicken wings and i knew i would be having more than 3. and at 3points a wing, yikes.
then came the cookies...

so, i know i need to be confident, dont let myself be defeated and just start again.

my mom made the comment that i'd really slimmed down lately. that my bottom and thighs were looking much slimmer...i was sort of shocked because i just barely sqeeeeezed into a pair of non-maternity pants, but i wore them anyway since my mat pants are too big now.

derek is off working for a half-day today and since its just me and the girls, i might attempt some shopping/errands today. although my house is over flowing with laundry. somehow i got behind in it, so i'd like to get that done too. my mom wants to keep ezekiel for another night, but he's only 2 and i miss him :( i'm sure he misses me i dont want to push him.

but when i think about it, grandma has the morning with him, then he naps for several hours, then pepere gets home from work and would want to see him, then a couple hours and its bedtime. so keeping him for another day might be okay. i guess we'll see.

i will try try try to record all my points and eat within them today. i need to grocery shop, so that should help, get more veggies in the house!

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