Friday, January 16, 2009

new year, same goal

after pretty much taking december off of my weight watchers plan, i'm back at 'er.

in december, a new plan was introduced, so we had weigh-in only one day, then Christmas & new years with no weigh-in. so there were no meetings for 3 weeks and i really needed a meeting. i was feeling VERY unmotivated and disappointed with my progress so far, not to mention my lack of discipline and no time for exercising.

so over the holidays, i ate like crazy, soooo much chocolate and baking and such, but i also started doing wii fit on a regular basis. nearly every day i do 20 to 30 minutes. one week i lost 1 lb a day for 3 or 4 days to get me back down to 179, but then it stopped.

so my plan is to keep doing wii fit everyday. i do 3-5 yoga poses (2 minutes each in the bank) then either boxing fit, or step, or the run. which rounds it up to 20 minutes easy. i also decided to weigh myself on the wii fit using the "0 lbs for clothing weight" so that i can judge my fluctuation better.

i'm still not sleeping thru the night and i dont always get a nap, so not resting enough definitely makes me want to eat chocolate or sweets.

i really hope i can have a good loss this week because i'm really getting sick of not being able to wear my clothes!!! i've only got one pair of before&after maternity jeans, otherwise its fairly slim pickins and i'm not the type to wear yoga pants out and about on a regular basis.

i'm trying to focus on the fact that i've already lost 20lbs since Audrey was born 3.5 months ago.
also, i've done this weight loss thing 3 times before successfully, so i know i can do it!

a good piece of advice i heard was to focus on the last meal/snack instead of whats next because it might change your choice when you think back.

happy new year

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