Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snow days

My second weigh-in was pre-empted by a snow day! I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to seeing how my week went, as per the scale. I started to feel a bit down about it and then thought, "No, I've GOT to rally and keep my efforts up! I've only got 3 months free and THIS IS IT! I'm gonna do it!"

So, I kept on track, for the most part. I think I had a few cookies that weren't quite on plan, but other than that, I have been making good choices and eating within my points.

I was starting to feel that I was overdoing it as far as stepping on my home scale, so I really tried to cut back. Then after missing the meeting this week, I noticed some changes in how I've been looking so I decided I'd let myself weigh-in at home and I was very happy by the results. I went to my Wii to weigh-in there and celebrated with the kids telling them that I've been making healthy choices lately and its working to help me get to where I should be (they always come running when they hear the Wii Fit music start up).

I am really liking this new program, I definitely find myself going to get more fruit or a carrot when I feel a little munchy. There is a meeting tomorrow night that I am going to try to attend (unless it gets snowed out too), so hopefully I'll have my official results from week 2 soon!

The kids went to school today for the first time all week but it was a hassle especially bringing the baby into the -11 weather and wind! Poor boy :( He also has an ear infection so I brought him to the doc for a prescription this morning too. Silly kid was screaming from pain last night, and now he seems to like that sound and is just doing it for attention! gotta go

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