Thursday, November 04, 2004

Baby Room Items List

I decided to just start a list of everything we have coming our way or currently in our possession for the baby. I will keep this list updated for any interested parties (like grandparents ;) )

-bassinet (from Grandma Jen & Grandpa Richard)
-bouncing chair (ours)
-doorway jumper with tray (ours)
-lots of stuffed animals (ours)
-new flooring ;0) (from Grandma Jen & Grandpa Richard & us)
-baby bathtub (jackie)
-lots of newborn diapers (jackie)
-dresser (leah)
-change table (keith)
-infant car seat (keith)
-exer-saucer (keith)
-baby bath ring (keith)


rob said...

your grandparents read your blog? you canadians are so advanced.

hi grandma! hi gradpaw!

the salmon said...

:S the baby's grandparents silly! they have all been quite faithful checking out my blog, i'll have you know!