Saturday, November 27, 2004

living room jam time

derek & shawn & ben are jamming right now as i type. its fun to listen to them. ben is the shredder, shawn's on bass, derek on acoustic. they've gone back and forth between Christmas carol medleys to some of their old hits from back when they used to jam weekly.

i'm waiting to go to a baby shower for my friend Christie...i'm so tired and sore from all the moving i did today. i emptied a huge bookshelf and comandeered a room-switcheroo. marks room is now in the front office area and his former room is our new storage room. it is much more spacious than the last storage room...probably b/c andrew and ben moved the deepfreeze out...andrew apparently looked like a robot from Starwars with a big freezer on his head, covering his body with only legs sticking out--said ben (rob, trivia question for you maybe? do you know what creature that would be?).

it will be interesting go to hang out with all girls (except for babies) after being the foreman (woman) to the guys all afternoon today.

anyway, another page in my nesting diary for the arrival of our new little one. I have two count downs on my whiteboard at work: one for baby, one for Christmas, since i'm not at work today: 2 months 27 days til baby's due date & 28 days til Christmas...YAY to both.

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rob said...

I dunno. C-3PO?

the salmon said...

c'mon, C-3PO?? you're not even trying to figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Hey...Ben here.

It's a Gonk Droid..I kept saying "Donk" I was close.

the salmon said...

thanks ben for settling that...what a bizarre-looking droid