Tuesday, November 30, 2004

INTRODUCING the salmon speaks

it is my pleasure to introduce the salmon speaks. I decided to launch http://thesalmon.blogspot.com for several reasons:
1. the name is quicker to spell than "amandajsalmon" & i have been wanting a shorter name for my blog
2. it is more general and apt for derek, so he can proudly share it with his friends too
3. i have a good email address that will help establish the branding of "the salmon" as i spread the word
4. i am anticipating preparing my Christmas letter and it will be great to include the email addy and the url that are both "the salmon"

I will be focusing on updating "thesalmon" from now on so please add it to your list of blogs (i will probably update "amandajsalmon" from time to time, but not necessarily as frequently).

thanks and enjoy


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