Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Salmon Baby Names

Since many people ask about what names we are thinking of for Baby Salmon, I thought I would devote a post to that specifically...

We are not going to share what name we decide until the little one is born, but we would LOVE to get your input of names that you think would be cool or go well with Salmon, so we can have more ideas.

Please suppress the urge to post such names as: Smoked, Fresh Water, King, etc. and give us some serious ideas, cuz we could use the help! Its HARD work coming up with a name that we both like.

So if you want to, please feel free to post a comment and let us know of some name ideas (I always found I had more name ideas before I actually had the need to have since most of my ideas have not worked out (aka derek doesnt like them or they dont sound good with Salmon)...I would love the help).

Thank you for taking part in the brainstorming. :)
Ok, several people have posted comments and asked a few questions, so i'll update this to address those:
1. Please dont give names that you want for yourself :)
2. Most names that start or end with the letter "S" probably wont work so that disqualifies alot.
3. We're open to any type of name: Biblical, Classic, Trendy, Uncommon, made-up ;0)
4. A fun game might be to take DEREK and AMANDA and try to come up with a made up name hee hee, you never know right?!


kelly said...

hey amanda. this is a tough one. Only for the fact that the names I like maybe used by us in the future some day. I was going to share some that didn't sound right, or we couldn't agree on, but now I can't remember them! I'll email you on that. But check out and start a list - it's a great resource!

the salmon said...

thanks for posting kelly. when those other ideas come up, let me know! then i can bring them to derek to see what he thinks

Patricia said...

Here are some names I like for girls: Emma, Michelle, Brianna
I like these for boys: Alex, Jack, Michael

Anonymous said...

well, amanda, it would probably help if you let us know what kinds of names you like... do you want it to be a biblical type name, a classic name, a more trendy name, an uncommon name? i would (personally) not choose a name that starts with S. ex. Sam Salmon is a bit too much!

michelle bishop

Anonymous said...

okay, this is what i've come up with, so far ;)

for girls: morgan, fiona, kathryn, bronwyn, kyra, amara (this being your names togehter!), rowan

for boys: adam, asher, henry, kale, liam, logan, theo


the salmon said...

Hey all, thanks for all the great name ideas...i'll make sure to get derek to look them over.

Michelle, a friend from work just named her son Asher and I think its a great name!

keep up the great brainstorm ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay Amanda here are some that I think are soooo good:

Alexanne, Lucy, Briley, Emily, Madeline, Katherine.
Aiden, Andrew, Daniel, Jake, William, Christian.

The first in each are my favourites what are yours?

Good Luck Mike.

Eh, Michael sounds pretty good to me :-)

Anonymous said...

How about "PINK" if it is a girl?

the salmon said...

har har
i'm pretty sure that one falls into the category of ones mentioned in paragraph 3.