Saturday, November 20, 2004

today i changed my blog title

i changed my blog title and wanted to reference another one of Mike Knott's songs Super Girl

i'm not saying i'm super girl but i figure since i've been feeling sick (bad bad head/throat/chest cold) and that i've been struggling at having or keeping a good attitude that i would give myself a little help...i can be super duper and super fantastic!

all i want is a little peace
for me and baby
i feel better having said that
i think i'm relatively good at keeping peace
but sometimes i feel like i cant cope
i want to run away and not talk anymore
but today


Anonymous said...

ever think that you are super duper fanastic, just the way you are??

the salmon said...

is that you mom?? :D
yes, i suppose i do...but sometimes, it takes a little cheerleading