Saturday, October 23, 2004

Baby Room Items

We have a few baby room items so far:
-the dresser was from Leah
-the second drawer is FULL of diapers already from my friend Jackie and I have 3 newborn sleepers from her too.
-the nursery rhyme wreath is an adaptation of a wreath that my step mother Diane gave me (it was an peach wicker wreath that was pretty dusty so I decided to sew a little cloth wreath and attach the items onto that. I'm quite please with how it turned will be hung on the wall eventually).
-the bassinet is from Mom and Richard and I just figured out today that it is a very close match to the wreath which is soo cool!
-the toys are from my childhood and adulthood ;) some were made by my Grandma Emma, some were gifts. There is a white bear from Craig from when Derek and I were first dating. It is such a cute bear and Joanna, a former Dental Receptionist, said "you should call it Diastema." and I asked "why?" and she said "You dont know what a diastema is do you?" and I said "no" and she said "Derek has one." So thats his name.
There's also a really cute bunny from Derek that was actually a gift that made me mad because I thought he was going to propose to me on Valentine's Day 2000 but instead he gave me a bunny!!! Anyway, he came through and proposed several hours later after i had already resolved that it was "the worst day ever! take me home, i'm so disappointed" poor guy, i was such a baby!! but he DID ask :D Posted by Hello


Patricia said...

Your Valentines Day date reminded me of the day I thought Rob was going to propose. We went to the cute historic town to hang out and even went on a horse drawn carriage ride. I thought he was going to propose then, but he didn't. I was so mad and disappointed! He proposed a couple of weeks later though.

the salmon said...

I figured it would take a woman to identify with that! Those guys really held the power at the proposal time didn't they!