Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hey, is that bee pollenating those flowers?!

Here is little Miles the ba-bee on his final day in his costume (Sunday, October 31, 2004). I'm holding him up to those flowers and I think, deep down, he's really enjoying himself.

We made a quick stop for lunch and then headed over to see our friend's new adopted baby from Florida! Kalen arrived to Canada on Saturday night and he is really cute, 3 months old and our friends are all looking forward to play dates with him.

Kalen's grandma was also adopted and she wrote him a beautiful peom about "i dont know when you're coming or where you're coming from but i love you already." Congratulations on your new baby boy!Posted by Hello


Stefanie said...

That is the most HILARIOUS picture ever. I love the look on poor Miles' face.

the salmon said...

Thanks Stef! I'm glad you like it, i'm so proud of my super-cute nephew :)