Wednesday, October 20, 2004

salmon to eat, Clova, Baby kicks

we went for a quick salmon dinner at the mellengers last night. it was very tasty, thanks to Poppa for the fish!

then Derek and I met Leah at the Clova to see Princess Diaries 2 and only cost $3 per person on Tuesday nights so it was a great deal.

the end of Princess Diaries 2 has this song for the country of which she is Princess, called Genovia...its their national anthem, I guess....anyway, it was pretty loud and moving (leah was laughing through it all b/c it was so over-dramatic). So Baby Salmon starting doing little flips or something during the song...he or she really seemed to like it.

During the break before the next movie, Baby kept doing these flip kick things and so Leah got to feel it! She's the third person to feel the baby (Grandma Jen was first, then Derek). So that was pretty cool for all of us.

We have a dr.'s appt today so we'll find out what he has to say about the ultrasound measurements and if i'm on track for my due date and such.


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