Wednesday, October 20, 2004

how much excitement can happen by 9am in the office? Rob tells me to blog everything right? and since he was nearby, he said i really should.

first, i went to delete some roombookings from our roombooking software. I had booked some rooms when i was in my previous position and needed to delete them so the new person in that job could have the rooms in her name, to lessen the confusion.

but really, thats when the confusion as I began to tackle this task i discovered that my bookings for those sets of meeting were recorded under "amanada" and since "amanada" does not exist, i did not have permission to delete them. i called reception who generally has some power in that software, but her computer had crashed.

then, leah came over saying "i need to staple my pants" and i looked at her and said " need to staple your pants? oh, you need help." and i got her to stand up on my guest chair and turn about as I proceeded to hem her pants with the stapler. she left, content with the staple job.

then, i called the woman with "all powertochange roombookings" (direct quote from receptionist) and she laughed at me alot about "amanada" as i walked her thru where the bookings were. taa daa

all that happened by 9am, fancy that.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what can be done before 9 AM.


Anonymous said...

hey!! This is Leah. Well, my pants were to long and you couldn't see my pretty new shoes! It's all about the shoes!

kelly said...

ha - sounds like some great office antics. i think leah's pants have been stapled before...somehow i remember a morning like that. oh amanda, that dumb room booking program and it's "power" over people. Isn't it sick? :)

Patricia said...

You stapled Leah's pants? Didn't that ruin them? I'm glad you had such an entertaining monring.

Anonymous said...

will those staples be for sale on ebay later?