Monday, October 04, 2004

Today we had our first ultrasound...I hear its the only one unless there are complications. The experience was pretty good...I drank one litre of water and felt "ok" just that i had to pee but nothing too overwhelming. The technician told me I had a very full bladder and she let me go and get rid of 2 cups! how nice. so really, it was a good experience from that perspective.
Anyway, Derek and I thought it was pretty cool. When the technician said "there's your baby's face." we were both thinking..."eww..." and later derek said, "Yah, our baby "Skeletor"."
The heart beat was super cool...seeing it actually beating (no audio, just visual) was very exciting for me.
Anyway, here are the pics so you can share in our joy.
This is a bit of a top shot of the baby with a good view of baby's arm and hand. Posted by Hello

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andie said...

Hey Salmons! GREAT baby pictures. We had FIVE ultrasounds and all we ever got pictures of was baby menary's spine.
Skeletor is cute already :)