Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween is weird

I've decided that I think Halloween is really weird.

I went over to Andrew and Heather's to hang out with Heather and Miles the ba-BEE while the guys blew up firecrackers. The guys scared off at least half of the total number of trick-or-treaters by blowing up firecrackers in the driveway, sewer and street. So the ones we did get were the bigger kids, wearing weird half-rocker, half-butterfly outfits.

They were all nice and polite and weren't all "oh no, i couldnt!" when i'd tell them to take a handful (I guess i was supposed to hand it to them). It felt like my first time ever handing out candy and the first one, I said "Happy Halloween" to as she walked away and she said the same back and then I thought...thats weird, I don't really want to wish her a Happy Halloween or get wished a Happy Halloween...Halloween is weird.

I'm not sure what I'll do when my kids are older, but from this perspective, walking around for one evening, for 30 minutes to get candy from strangers is pretty weird, but I guess its a safe way to reverse the teaching you've been giving your kid for years of: "Don't take candy from strangers" to "Don't take candy from strangers unless i'm standing at the end of the driveway or you're with a pack of friends."

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